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Write for yourtravelsk.com

Write for yourtravelsk.com. Want to see your post published on yourtravelsk.com. There are two different ways. Continue reading below to decide how would you like to submit your idea.

Guest Post

I am currently looking for writers for my Wednesday guest post feature. Please note that there is no money involved in guest posts. Just a couple of backlinks to your website.

Paid post

Whether you are an experienced travel blogger or a person who doesn’t even have a blog and are good at writing and researching. Yourtravelsk.com can help you earn some quick money and also publish your posts.

Expect to get paid $6.99 for each post that is accepted and published on yourtravelsk.com. The payment will be made through paypal.

What to expect

Now that you have decided to make a submission. Please read below for the requirements to fill the form below and start our chat.

Type of content

You are a great writer. No doubt in that. However, yourtravelsk.com follows a distinct pattern of writing. Please read some of the posts and you will get an understanding. All the posts are written with one intention i.e. to provide value to my readers. I spend more than 3 to 4 hours researching each topic and then a couple of hours writing each. If you think you can provide a quality that matches the criteria. You are more than welcome to send in your entries.

Some fine details:

  • The post must be related to travel
  • The content has to be original and must provide value to readers.
  • Longer posts preferred
  • Use lots of images
  • There is no money involved in guest posts. Only a couple of backlinks to your website.

Some example posts for inspiration:

Note. yourtravelsk.com will retain the copyright of every post published on this site. If approved, you cannot republish your work elsewhere.

Submitting an idea doesn’t mean anything until accepted. Yourtravelsk.com will never use your content if not accepted, However, you may see a post on yourtravelsk.com for the idea you submitted as ideas are not a property content is.

Please only submit article idea now. If I like the idea, then I will get in touch with you and ask you to submit the article for review. Once the article is accepted, I will communicate to you an expected date for publishing the article on yourtravelsk.com. If there is payment involved, expect to get paid as soon as the article is published on yourtravelsk.com.

Yourtravelsk.com reserves the right to change the article criteria, payment amount and payment policy anytime without any notice. Also the acceptance or rejection of any article is sole discretion of yourtravelsk.com.