7 things not to do when traveling

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The internet and technology nowadays have made it very easy for us to plan our trips. The places we want to visit, where to stay etc and with so much ease the number of travelers have also increased. That is why I feel its necessary to write a post on what not to do when traveling. This is specifically beneficial for new travelers, However, I strongly feel that I may have a few points that might benefit seasoned travelers as well.

Avoid credit and debit foreign transaction fees

credit card

While credit cards are a great option in your home country, using them in a foreign country comes with two prices. One, foreign transaction fees and second currency conversion rate.

  • Check for credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees and a lower currency conversion rate. Always research and carry with you the credit card that has the lowest currency conversion rate and no foreign transaction fees.
  • Debit cards can be a great option to get foreign currency using foreign ATMs. Again, remember to research and carry with you a debit card that has the lowest currency conversion rate.
  • Carry at least 2 credit and 2 debit cards when traveling to a foreign country

Often buying foreign currency from your destination country is cheaper

  • Buy foreign currency from shops or banks that do currency conversion either in your home country or country of your visit. Always research and choose the option that is cheapest.
  • Try to make larger transactions using a credit card as it means that you need to carry less cash and hence is safer.
  • Use debit cards to pull out a small amount of cash at Airport if you are not carrying any cash before arriving in the foreign country and buy foreign currency from shops or banks that do currency conversion in a foreign country.
  • No matter what you do, don’t exchange currency from the Airport. Use your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM at the Airport instead if you are in dire need of cash at the Airport.

Remember for both the above two options, do call your card issuer to inform them of your travel plans otherwise, you run the risk of your card rejecting the transaction in a foreign country.

Don’t underestimate the importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance protects you in case of unforeseen events that include personal and property loss. Some countries even make it a required document for visa application. Loss of baggage is the most common issue that most travelers face and travel insurance does help in that.

Don’t go over and beyond to save money

Money grow from penny

Money is the most important factor that affects how we travel. Do save money where ever possible but it’s not worth to waste your precious time and energy on a small amount of money. Always analyze all the factors before deciding on your decision.

Buy local sim card and carry an unlocked phone

smartphone and sim

Relying on your roaming phone is almost always going to be costly than buying a local sim. Always research on the available sim and plans in the destination country and decide on your sim to buy based on your needs.

  • Always include data plan even if you don’t need it as you never know when you might need it.
  • Always buy sim on your arrival day in a foreign country. Preferably buy it from Airport as you can be online as soon as you arrive and can use the sim to order taxi, food and many more services.

Research for safety before travel

tunnel woman

Safety should be the first thing that one should research even before planning your travel. I will cover this in detail in one of my next blogs. Below are a few bullet points to remember.

  • Find out areas not to go
  • Read about other tourists experiences in various places
  • Avoid unlit areas and going out at night
  • If necessary use registered taxi at night
  • Always carry a local sim card to use in case of emergency.
  • Know the emergency numbers of the foreign country.
  • Learn some basic foreign language so you can ask for help if needed.
  • Be extra vigilant in tourist spots

Don’t pack too much


Shopping is an integral part of the travel experience. No matter where you go, you will buy something and most likely end up using them on your trip. Always remember you will return back with more luggage than what you carry. Keep space for the things that you plan to buy and the things that you don’t plan to buy.

This is my top 7 things not to do when traveling. Do tell me which points you think should be included in this list. Remember guys whatever tips you share might help a fellow traveler. Do check out my other blog posts and like yourtravelsk.com on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to start a conversation do check out my twitter profile.

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