Things to do in Iceland

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Hello and Welcome to Yourtravelsk’s guide to Things to do in Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful Island nation in the north Atlantic ocean. With Iceland separated from mainland Europe by water, The Island nation didn’t have a human presence until 871 AD. Even now the total population of Iceland is close to 300,000. What this means is that Iceland has one of the most unique to offer for travellers.

Let’s begin our journey through the Land of Fire and Ice. Yes, you guessed it right. Many of the fantasy locations for HBO’s epic TV series “Game of Thrones” were actually filmed in Iceland. But we are not here to cover locations of HBO series. That post has to wait for a while.

Northern lights

Northen Lights Iceland

You don’t need to go to the north of Iceland. Although a lot of people do that for different reasons.

Iceland is located on high altitude making it ideal to see Northern lights. This also means that there is no darkness from mid April to mid August making viewing of Northern lights impossible during these months.

To catch the best glimpse of the lights come starting from September to the end of March. You can view the lights from your hotel room in Reykjavik or from your campsite at one of the waterfalls. It is bound to be an awesome experience.


Reykjavik Iceland

The Capital city of Iceland and home to a two-third population of Iceland is the heart of Iceland. There is plenty to do in the city and you can easily spend a day here.


Hallgrimskirkja Church Reykjavik Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is a modern cathedral built in 1986. The architecture of the cathedral is unique and bound to leave you awestruck. The tower if 73 m high and is inspired by Icelandic traditions.


Perlan is a revolving Glass-domed fine dining restaurant. Do I need to say more?


Gullfoss falls Iceland

Iceland has plenty of waterfalls. The most famous of them is Skaftafell and Gullfoss Falls. Others worth checking out are Bruarfoss Waterfall, Seljalandsfoss, Skógar, Svartifoss, and Skaftafell. Check out the map at the end of the post for their locations.

Hot Springs and Geyser

You will find plenty of Hot springs and Geyser in Iceland. The most famous ones are Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River and Geysir. Check out the map for their locations.


abandoned plane black beach Iceland
Rock Formation Iceland Black Beach

With Iceland being an Island nation, there is no shortage of beach. However the two must visit beaches are Black beach and Diamond beach, read majestic Ice beach. Do check out the abandoned plane at the Black beach it is quite popular among tourists. Check out the map for points of interests on these beaches.

Other things to do

Waterfall Thingvellir National Park Iceland

Thingvellir National Park is one gem that you should not miss. The park provides great rocky scenery and beautiful lakes.

If you have extra time and money do checkout Blue lagoon which is a very popular Spa destination in Iceland. The Spa features an outdoor lagoon with waters rich in minerals from the lava field.


Have I inspired you to travel to Iceland? If yes do share the article with all your friends. Iceland has a lot more to offer. A few things that I haven’t covered in this post is a tour of the Ice caves and northern Iceland for obvious reasons. Do tell me if you would like to see an information post on these and I will try to do the same.

Once again I apologize to my very special readers for not being more regular in posting. I am working on my new travel website and that’s where most of the time goes. Do tell me what country or city would you like to see next post on in the comments section.

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