Los Angeles 101: Top things to do

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Hello and welcome to Yourtravelsk’s guide on top things to do in Los Angeles. The Memorial day extended weekend is near and If you are looking for ideas on where you can head to next weekend. Look no further than Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles is very big and is made up of 88 different cities. You cannot see all of Los Angeles in less than a month, maybe more. That being said, I have compiled a list of top things to do in Los Angeles that will help you plan your short trip to Los Angeles.


Hollywood Blvd Sign

Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood. A lot of people come here hoping to bump into a celebrity. While it’s true that some of the Hollywood work still happens in Los Angeles. Don’t expect much with your luck to meet a celebrity. Most A list celebrities have moved out of LA or are least expected to be spotted as LA is huge.

However, there are a lot of other things Hollywood in LA.

El Capitan Theatre

El Capitan, dubbed “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama,” opened as a legitimate theater on May 3, 1926. Its a movie palace which runs a single movie in multiple shows throughout the day. It’s currently showing “Aladdin”. Do try to watch if you a Disney fan.

Kodak building

The Dolby Kodak Theater is a live-performance auditorium. The building didn’t make the list for its live performances. Instead the street outside the theater offers the best view of the Hollywood sign. So if you don’t want to go to Griffith observatory to see the sign or don’t want to trek to it. This is your best bet.

Hollywood walk of fame

Hollywood walk of fame Michael Jackson

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the sidewalks that bear over 2600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded on them. It runs for over 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. The names are a mix of musician, actors, directors and fictional characters from the movie industry. Do click a photograph alongside the name of your movie star.

Mann’s Chinese Theatre

Mann’s Chinese theater is very popular among tourists. You will find handprints and Shoe prints of many celebrities here.

Rock of fame

Looking for hand prints of celebrity Rock-stars. head over to Rock of fame Guitar Center.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

One of the Oldest cemetery in Los Angeles. This 120-year-old cemetery has many notable burials. to name a few Mel Blanc, Jerry Siegel, Yma Sumac, Cecil B. DeMille, Fay Wray, Bugsy Siegel, Judy Garland, and Janet Gaynor.

Runyan Canyon

L .A.’s popular Runyon Canyon trail is a 3-mile hike on Hollywood hills. This is also a good place to catch the view of the city.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Los Angeles

A cross between a Movie studio and working theme park. Universal Studio is a must visit in your trip to Los Angeles. Do use a crowd tracker website to figure out when to best visit this place as visiting it this weekend is something that I wouldn’t recommend. However, if you do plan to go, do not miss the studio tour. The best time is before the ride closes.

The Queen Mary

Queen Mary Long beach Los Angeles

The Queen Mary is retired British ocean liner that sailed on the North Atlantic and was retired in 1967. Today it is parked on long beach and serves as a hotel. Its a unique experience that most will like. However don’t expect it to be on par with the best modern hotels. Some people also complained about the cleanliness of the rooms. So do your homework before you go.

Griffith park observatory

Griffith Park Observatory

A popular tourist attraction. Offers great view of the whole city of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It’s very popular among locals and visitors. If you are a traveling family, perhaps Santa Monica is a better place to stay than Los Angeles as it is better suited for families. Proximity to Beaches, cheap shopping, make it a must go place.

Santa Monica Pier

Busy Santa Monica Pier

Built in the late 1800’s style. This place has it all. Shopping, food, huge Ferris wheel, and water. One of the best places to spend your evening in Los Angeles. The place is good to buy souvenirs.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica beach

Close to Pier is the Santa Monica beach. The beach made famous by the Baywatch is very popular among tourists.

Third Street Promenade

An outdoor street, full of restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, bookstores, and bars. Peopl who enjoy street performances will be impressed by the quality of musicians, dancers, and others. The Promenade is located only three blocks from the beach.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach Santa Monica

LA’s most popular beach. Lots of street performers, street shops and lots of people make this beach a rarity. Add to this the “Muscle Beach” and you get bulging bodybuilders. The Muscle beach hosts Venice championships on the Memorial Day weekend.


Disneyland California Anaheim

Disneyland is one of the major attraction for people visiting Los Angeles. It has two parks, The PPDisneyland World Park and the Disneyland Adventure Park. Like other Disney Theme Parks, these parks have so much to offer that you cannot cover most of the park in less than 3 days.

The 3-day pass that offers unlimited entries to both the parks is ideal to visit the place. The ticket prices go on sale multiple times during the year and hence making a trip to LA only to visit the Disney park is a good idea.

Map of places

Like always. Check out the map for all the places mentioned in this post

Thanks for reading this far. Do tell me about your trip and the places you covered on your LA visit. Do check out my other blog posts on flight booking tricks and hotel booking tricks. In these two posts, I have described my step to step process to book flight and hotels. Follow them and save money, it’s that simple.

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