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Shopping in Bangkok is super cheap and generally high quality. You just have to know where to shop and which places to avoid. With so many options it’s easy to get confused. But since I have already done the research for you, continue reading my ultimate guide to shopping in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Siam Square

If you are in Bangkok, Siam Square is the place to be. Period. Designer boutiques, Shopping malls, street market. This place has all.

MBK Center

This discount shopping mall at the center of Siam Square is difficult to miss. It contains more than 2000 shops, restaurants and service outlets. In MBK Center you will find one of the cheapest rates in the whole of Bangkok. No doubt this place is extremely popular among foreigners as they find items here costing much less than what it costs in western countries.

The mall also contains 4-storey Tokyu departmental store which will certainly fulfill all your grocery needs.

Siam Paragon

Although MBK center is one of the most famous malls in Bangkok. Thai’s generally prefer Siam Paragon as it offers clothes trendy with Thai fashion and also has a lot to offer for teens. Siam Paragon is the 4th largest mall in Bangkok and is a must visit if you want to see where Thai people shop.


Bangkok’s massive waterfront mall opened in late 2018 and is the largest mall in Bangkok. It is an architectural masterpiece. This means it offers a lot to people not interested in shopping as well.

The mall has over 7000 shops. Few features of the building are the first Siam Takashimaya department store in Thailand, the first Apple store in Thailand and SOOK Siam, an indoor floating market. In short think of it as an upgrade of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (I sincerely feel The Shoppes is awesome and you know it too. Perhaps now you know what I am talking here)

The Emporium

If you are looking for luxury shopping head over to the Emporium in Sukhumvit. The mall has all the top fashion brands, both local and international. The mall has all the other customary features of a mall, including an excellent food court on the 5th floor and a multiplex cinema on 6th.

Street markets


The Sukhumvit street market is located along the 1 km stretch between Nana and Asok BTS Skytrain stations. The market opens around 5 PM daily and closes at midnight. The place is popular for souvenir shopping. The market offers clothes, watches (knock-off) and more. It’s not one of the best places to shop but is conveniently located close to downtown and is good for some last minute shopping.

Khao San Road

The place is extremely popular among backpackers. You will find a large number of cheap accommodation options here. The street market here opens at dusk and stays open till midnight. From clothes to counterfeit items and pirated DVD’s. You will find all range of items here.

Banglamphu Market

If you are really interested in knock-offs then apart from shopping in the street markets of Sukhumvit and San Khao road, do check out Banglamphu Market. The market extends over Chakraphong, Phra Sumen, Tanao, and Rambuttri Roads. The market offers clothes, cosmetics, fashion accessories and knock-offs of everything.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak weekend market is the largest and most famous market in Thailand. The market has over 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors, divided into 27 sections. Obviously, it is impossible to visit each and every shop over a weekend. If you are in Bangkok for the weekend and shopping is on your list. Do plan to visit the market on both days. The market offers a lot of cheap stuff and often the quality of items is pretty high.

Pro tip: Do bargain and try a few different shops before buying an item as you will find multiple vendors selling the exact same item at different prices. However, don’t plan on buying an item you saw one day on a different day as a lot of vendors do not open daily. Also due to the vastness of the market, it is likely that you will spend a considerable amount of time trying to find the shop.

For information on how to get there and map of Chatuchak market check out this link.

Pratunam Fashion Mall

Although intended to be a wholesale shopping center, The Pratunam Fashion mall serves to people interested in buying single items. The vendors here will often quote prices for 5 or 10 items, so be clear with the quantity you want as the prices will be cheaper when bought in bulk. Try to bargain as buying even 2 shirts can get you a better rate than buying 1 shirt from a shop.

The market has flea market setup and is a good weekday replacement for Chatuchak market. You will often see the same items on display as you saw in Chatuchak over the weekend. So if you missed buying anything in Chatuchak, you might be in luck in Pratunam Fashion mall.

Other notable Markets

Bangkok is a shopping heaven for people looking for cheap shopping. The list of markets is never ending and I can go on writing this post forever detailing each market. Trying to keep this readable I have tried to mention a few other notable markets below. Do check them out if your stay in Bangkok is longer.

  • Pantip Plaza: Famous for cheap computer-related stuff. However, be aware that many of the items sold here are fake.
  • Pak Khlong Talat: Wholesale market for flowers and all kinds of vegetables. Try to visit it early morning for best quality and fresh flowers.
  • Taling Chan Floating Market: Authentic rural market with Canalside way of life. Must visit if you are interested to see Floating markets.
  • Wang Lang Market: Market where the local’s shop.
  • River City in Yaowarat: The Largest antique mall in Bangkok and priced reasonably. However, do not buy any gems from this place as a lot of tourists buy a worthless piece of glass assuming it to be valuable gems (Call it marketing).
  • Asiatique the riverfront Want to shop along the beautiful Chao Phraya River at night. Head over to Asiatique the riverfront. The largest waterfront themed and night shopping mall. Open daily from 5 pm to midnight. The mall offers a lot including shopping, restaurants and entertainment shows. The place is ideal to click some photographs along the river.

There are so many shopping places in Bangkok that a single blog post is insufficient to cover them all. I have tried to cover the most. However, I have missed many. Do tell me how you liked the post and if there is any specific market that I have missed in this post in the comments section. I am pretty sure, I have missed a lot. Do bookmark this page and come back to this page before your first/next Bangkok visit

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