Things to do in Paris: Food

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Paris is one of the main culinary centers of the world. A trip to Paris is best enjoyed while indulging into the delicacies that it has to offer. Do remember, this is part 4 of my series on things to do in Paris. You can read part 1 on landmarks and historical sites in Paris here, part 2 on museums and parks in Paris here and part 3 on shopping in Paris here. While all of these posts provide value in its own, I strongly suggest reading all of them together to get the most out of them. This Paris food guide is sure to help you plan your trip with more confidence.

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for all of Paris is a moveable feast.

Ernest Hemingway
Baked goods Paris

The restaurant trade in Paris has been thriving since the past couple hundred years. You can find hundreds of beautiful restaurants with trendy interiors and well-planned menus. Paris has a lot to offer in French and foreign cuisines alike.


Paris Cafe

A lot of us prefer to have breakfast in the hotel. While it’s a good idea to go for some croissants and coffee in your hotel, but do check prices. The petit déjeuner or breakfast at your hotel will generally cost more than € 15, which is a bit higher than what the same menu will cost you at a local cafe. Do ask your host in the local cafe if the coffee taken standing at the bar will cost you less than the one served at a table.


Music cheese and food Paris

Lunch is the main meal of your day. However, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time on it to maximize your sightseeing and walking time. There are a lot of options for a quick lunch from many stands in Paris. Some of the options that these food stands offer are panini, a crepe, Falafel pita, and Chinese food.

You can buy coffee and sandwiches from all of the boulangeries and pâtisseries. You can easily have a half-baguette sandwich, juice or soda and a piece of pastry for less than 10€.


Paris dinner soup

Go for the prix-fixe or fixed price menu offered at most of the restaurants. The prices start at €20 and will get you a 3 or 4 courses, possibly with wine, depending on the restaurant of your choice.

Before we move ahead, a few things that are important to mention in this Paris food guide. Do remember mass tourism attracts price gougers. Restaurants closer to major tourist attractions will be small and mostly have tables close together. Most of these restaurants are always crowded and you may be asked to share your table with a complete stranger. The prices will seem very high for the quality of service received. If you want to avoid that or you’re interested in the really good and more authentic stuff, try to go eat where the locals eat, away from tourist attractions. A little french or a translator app does help.

Pro tip: Try to make your lunch in your hotel room before you leave for sightseeing. This not only helps you save time but also help you stick to your budget.


Cheese salad Paris


Traditional French food is heavily meat-based. However, don’t let that keep you from enjoying the vegetarian food at restaurants in Paris. Some of the vegetarian restaurants that offer French food are Aquarius in the 14th and Le Grenier de Notre-Dame in the 5th.

For quick lunch go for falafel, cheese, and salad, vegetarian sandwich or a pizza.
You will also find vegetarian food in the menu of many Italian, Thai, Indian, Moroccan and Lebanese restaurants. Do check out Saravana Bhavan, my favorite chain of South Indian food near Gare Du Nord.

For Lebanese food checkout the pedestrian zone around Les Halles and Beaubourg in the 1st and 4th.


Head over to the Japanese district in the 1st arrondissement. Centered around rue Sainte Anne, this district has a lot to offer for Japanese food lovers. Here you’ll find many authentic Japanese restaurants. Some of the best restaurants here are Higuma, Takara, Sanukiya, and Nodaiwa.


If you are looking to have Kosher food in Europe. Paris is the place to be. A few of the best kosher restaurants are Kavod, La Citadelle, and Restaurant l’Inté Caffé.

Do tell me your thoughts on my post in the comment section. I am always looking for suggestions and tips from my readers. I would also love to hear how this Paris food guide, helped you plan your travel

Do remember this is part four of my series on things to do in Paris. You can read part 1 on landmarks and historical sites in Paris here, part 2 on museums and parks in Paris here and part 3 on shopping in Paris here. Also, if you are looking to book flights to Paris, do look at my ultimate guide on how to book the best flight in your budget. Remember no Magic tricks just pure research.

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