Top 5 Countries to visit in March 2019: North America

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Planning vacations is a big task. It becomes even bigger if you don’t know where to go and when to go. If you are planning a trip this month and don’t know where to go. I am here to help, I have listed down the top travel destinations in North America for the month of March, so you can plan your trip with ease.

A little disclaimer before we begin, most of these countries have high tourist season during March and if you are the type of person who avoids crowds, this list isn’t for you, I will publish a post covering cheap and best travel destination for March 2019 in the next couple of days, But if you are someone who likes to go out during the peak season, keep reading.


Mayan Ruin at Mexico
Maya Ruin at Mexico

Most of the tourist industry in Mexico revolves around the beach resorts. Most tourists that visit are from either America and Europe. While American tourists mostly prefer the Baja peninsula and modern beaches like Cancun and Perto Vallarta. The European tourists visit Playa del Carmen and colonial towns like San Cristobal de las Casas. Mexico has a lot to offer from Surfing to Whale watching and water Rafting. A lot of tourists also visit Mexico for the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza and Tulum.


Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala

Want to see volcanoes? Guatemala has a lot to offer. Located in Central America, sharing borders with Mexico in the north and a tiny Caribbean coastline to the east, Guatemala is a country rich in diverse history including some elements from Spain and the native Maya people.
Climate most of the year is generally mild, making Guatemala an ideal vacation destination. If you are interested in Mayan ruins, then head over to El Mirador, which is widely believed to be the cradle of Mayan civilization. However, it is a little less developed than Tikal, which by far is the largest Mayan site.
If you are a volcano lover, Guatemala is the right place for you. The country has a lot of volcanoes, some over 3500 meters high. Antigua Guatemala is perhaps the best place to catch volcanoes. From here you can arrange tour guides to Volcan de Pacaya, a 2500 m high active volcano, just 30 minutes drive from Antigua or simply spend some time in the beautiful town.


Roatan Island Honduras
Roatan Island Honduras

The second most populous country in Central America, Honduras has a lot to offer with beaches and coral reefs, where snorkeling and diving lovers are found all year round, colonial towns and ancient Mayan ruins.
Except for big cities like San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, finding amenities can be difficult in Honduras as most of the country is rural. However, you can find good Hotels if you are willing to pay.
If snorkeling or diving is your thing, then head over to the second largest coral reef in the world, the Bay Islands. Here you can find great diving schools that can help you become a certified diver. For Scuba diving, head over to Roatan. Where the water is very clear for the sport. Don’t want any of these, then come to Utila, which is great for whale watching.
Colonia town lovers will find that Honduras has a lot to offer in Comayagua, which has a historic town center and a beautiful cathedral made by the Spanish, which houses the oldest working clock in the American continent.
The Copan valley is a dream destination for Maya ruin lovers, as the valley has several sites open to the public. However, some of the best sculpture of Mayan’s have been moved to the Museum of Mayan Sculpture and Regional Musume in the town’s main plaza. Do visit them to complete your trip.

Costa Rica

Girl Dancing in Costa Rica
Girl Dancing in Costa Rica

Bordered by Nicaragua to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the east, Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. Ranked as first among the American countries in terms of Environmental Performance Index, Costa Rica is known for its eco-tourism. More than 50% of the tourists visiting the country engage in activities related to ecotourism including flora, fauna and bird watching.
While most people visit Costa Rica for its rich wildlife and bird watching. Costa Rica has a lot more things to offer, including the great black sand beach of Corcovado and Dominical, which is probably the busiest surfing beach in Costa Rica. If you are looking to party head over to Jacó beach close to San Jose.


Panama Canal at night
Panama Canal at night

You probably know Panama as the country located on the isthmus that links the North Atlantic with the North Pacific Ocean. Panama is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.
The strategic location of Panama and the diversity of things that it has to offer means that in a week you can easily visit the Panama Canal, Panama Viejo, Casco Antiguo and tropical rain forests of Parque Soberania, Parque Chagres and Parque Metropolitano.
One of the most famous ways to experience the canal is walking across it. However, if that doesn’t sound like you as it may take over 4 hours to so, do consider the aerial view of the Panama Canal through the local operator at
Panama Viejo and Casco Antiguo are Spanish colonial city, which has a lot to offer for lovers of history and Spanish Architecture.

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